Personal Information
Romaji: Shiro
Gender: Female
Hair Color: White
Status: Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliations: Tripeace
Group or Squad: 5 (Leader)
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 3

Shiro is the only member of Tripeace out of the small group that Nana encountered during the attack by Xyeces at fortress that completely rejected the idea of Nana joining she is quite vocal about her thoughts against Nana being in Tripeace as she believes him to be completely useless. Shiro admires Nanako she doesnt know however that this is just Nana crossdressed, even after Nana showed that he was Nanako.


Shiro is short for her age, with white coloured hair and hazel eyes.



Shiro's past is a tragedy where she accuses her mother of breaking her promise to not make weapons and runs away which causes her mother to begin regretting saving Shiro who was trapped in a mine when she ran away with the seisue bomb. Her mother saved Shiro's life but let Riboll gain access to the seisui bomb.



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